Monday, November 12, 2012

Ient Photo History!

New photographs of Ient family members from the late 19th & early 20th centenary have come to light! 

Tess Ient discovered some old 'Ient' photos in her husband's (Tony Ient) papers. One must assume they were handed down from Tony's father Thomas Ient. Anyway it is great news that they have been discovered: 

Karl Ient, later called Charles,  (1859-1919) is pictured in the centre. His son, Charles Frederick Ient (1883-1964) is on the left. We don't know who the other person is.  

When was this photo taken? Well, Charles is dressed in the uniform of the Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry. He joined this regiment in 1900. As you will see he has a medal & his rank is corporal; therefore we think this was taken about 1902. Karl Ient would have been about 43.      

Another photo discovered at the same time was of Karl Ient when he was much younger. At a guess, I would say he looks between 25 & 30 - taken between 1885 & 1890.  This photo was taken by Messrs Koenig & Lloyd, 17 Hindon Street of Pimlico, London SW, near to Victoria Station.

However the photo we can date to within a couple of years is that of Julia Hemmings (1865 to 1955), the second wife of Karle Ient.  Here she is pictured with a friend (unknown). This photo was taken by the Parisian Photographic Co. of 45 Gildridge Road, Eastbourne. From the 1891 census records we know that Julia Hemming was working as a cook for James Young and family at 27 Jevington Gardens, Eastbourne, Sussex. So we can assume that this was taken between 1890 & 1892 when Julia was between 25 & 27 years old.    

Here is a recent photo of Jevington Gardens, Eastbourne:

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