Sunday, March 13, 2011

Research Progress

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Early work was marked out by a breakthrough (enabled by cousin Marsue in the USA who gave me a copy of a German family tree, the Keyerlebers) which enabled me, with the expert help of a German genealogist to trace the Ient (Jent in Germany) back to Johann Peter Jent of Winnenden, Germany (north of Stuttgart)  in about the 1780s.  

Aside from Germany the early work & indeed the present day work has diversified into other families such as Hemmings – this is the family of Julia Hemmings (Karl Ient’s second wife). Our information about the Hemmings family has been significantly aided by the extensive work carried out by Rob Hemmings. He has researched in detail the family tree members from the present day back into the 19th century. Of course there are lots of related family names today such as Young, Hardiman, Hamilton, Risley, Henderson etc. However, let’s look at the situation currently – this can be viewed in a number of ways:

Family Tree
As far as the actual family tree is concerned – that is, ‘who was who’s mum or dad etc,’ the progress hasn’t been very much over the last 3 years but previously we made great strides in documenting hundreds of people. Marion Bance, my researcher, did the work with me mainly in 2004/7. The main work was to document the information about the people we know in an organised way – on the family tree. See:

In this period we also took the opportunity to expand the information we know about some people. For example – I was able to track down the London address of the parents of the first wife of Karl Ient  (1859 to 1919)  - Franzista Margaretha Henrietta von Felton- (1860 to 1886).  The other work included the expansion of the tree with information from Diana in Bermuda, Ian Ient in England, Dennis young in Scotland and Meredith Hargreaves in the USA.

Telling the Story
From the research I have been able to write up the story of various members of the family. It’s only partly complete – you can find what has been done so far at: such as:

·         Biographies,  e.g., - Julia Ient (1865 - 1955), Albert Ient (1905 – 1988) & two of his army colleagues and Margaretha Ient (some of her letters).
·         Family Groupsso far I have completed the Hemmings family
·         Eras - Germany to 1900, a short piece about America 1860 - 1900, England 1871 - 1905, a short piece about England 1905 - 1948 and Oxford to 1935
·         Epochs & Places - WWI, WWII - Far East, Bermuda and Life Abroad for Albert & Toby Ient

The other innovation is the photo gallery where anyone can upload a picture:   I have put some photos there starting with the children of Karl Ient:

·         Charles Ient & Ellen (Nellie) King
·         Fredrick Ient & Florence Weekly
·         Katherine Ient & Sidney Fisher
·         Philip Jent & Joyce Vermy (including Philip's first wife, Elsie Newman)
·         Pauline Ient & Charles Young
·         Thomas Ient & Elizabeth Nunn
·         Albert Ient & Myfanwy Edwards
·         George Ient & Norah Norgrove
·         The Hemmings Family
·         Ients (Jents) in America

I hope other family members add their photos here. You can set yourself up as a contributor by clicking on the register button at the top of the page:

Telling the story continues at the blog site: This is the place for ad hoc notes about the researches. ANYONE can add to this. These are the stories so far:

Keeping in Contact

The Facebook site has recently been set up so anyone with news, photos & information can add stuff easily. Also this provides a way of for all family members to contact each other. It’s called: Ient Family & Descendants

or just send me an e-mail!

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